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as one chapter closes…

As we come to the close of this past year, we can take a bit of time to reflect and ponder all that went into filling it…what we might have hoped would have been different and what we are grateful for that took place. We can also give some thought to our aspirations for the upcoming year…

As a writer I like to have a special place to put my thoughts on paper. I found this lovely ‘one line a day’ memory book this past November at one of my favorite stores in Stillwater, Rose Mille. It is always such a pleasure to have a peek at their offerings and get inspired to create something or just dream. This little gilt edge book allows a line a day to be written for five consecutive years, I thought it was so clever and had to get one for myself.

One of my hopes for this coming year is that I would like to do more hand crafting and enjoy the slowing down that this mode of creativity often requires. There are no plans for elaborate projects, but I would like to try small, useful, simple projects for myself and gift giving.

Never far from my reach is a favorite cup of tea, always welcome, soothing and uplifting at the same time. With the beautiful melodies of Enya in the background, what more could one want.

I am looking forward to my first entry in this lovely little book; such a great idea to have one special place to write a quote, thought or plan and see what is revealed over the five years. There is so much to inspire us, we just need to slow down a bit and see it. So as one chapter closes with the end of 2011, what do you aspire to for the new chapter of 2012?

dawn xo

quotes to inspire…


“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”

Johann Gottfried Von Herder


“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.”

Dwight D Eisenhower

8 simple places to find inspiration

Over the past two weeks I have seen the word ‘inspiration’ written over and over again…

inspiration lifts our spirits above the mundane and guides us to what could be better.

Having just written a post about motivation, my mind turned to inspiration and how the two are related, yet quite different. Motivation, as I see it, is much like a cheerleader, spurring us on to action. Inspiration however, seems much more like an angel on our shoulder whispering to us, so our hearts listen and take note.

Motivation roars like a lion while inspiration is peaceful like a lamb. It stirs something deep within us and gently nudges us to say ‘this is my gift to you, please take it’. We all need inspiration; it seems to be the one component that continually works as a catalyst for change.

So, where can we find it? How can we embrace this gift that presents itself in the everyday of life? Here are eight simple places it can be found.


Get outside and take a walk in the fresh air. Spend time in the sunshine. Really look at the trees, plants and flowers that are close to where you live. Gaze at the water; be it ocean, lake, stream or pond. No matter where we live or what the season, nature is abundant with inspiration.


Whether we stay close to home or travel half way round the globe, experiencing a new backdrop to our life can be uplifting. The new sights, sounds and smells give us an opportunity to learn and grow. Visit new shops, markets, cafes and attractions near and far. Immerse yourself in foreign magazines, books and film; this is travel too.


Often times art speaks to us and stirs an emotional response. Art encompasses so many avenues; from superb museum pieces to humble handcrafted treasures. The soul of the artist comes through and prompts us to listen. Visit museums, art fairs, craft shows, linger over lovely publications on the subject.


Being able to experience an inviting room, a delectable meal, a stunning outfit, great architecture or a welcoming garden allows us to find inspiration in the daily activity of our lives. Be aware of the way items are grouped or composed and what impact this has.


Listening to or making music can instantly transport us to another time or another place. It is a powerful medium for connection and community. Even in oppression, people raise their voices in song to unite themselves together. Listen to a variety of music and do not be afraid to hum, whistle or sing aloud yourself.


The written word or words spoken aloud inspire and transform us. From a persons life story to poetry; engage in reading and listening to a variety of genres.


The kindness we see in others can inspire, it can be a smile, a hug or a listening ear. An answer to a question, a door being opened or a meal shared. Sometimes life is so busy we miss sweet gestures of others and their willingness to help.


We can find inspiration in doing nothing more that quieting ourselves. To hear the whisper and accept the gift we need to slow down and become more attuned to what we have been given.

So where have I seen this word ‘inspiration’ written over and over again? It is in the many kind comments written for our on-line instructors. I am currently taking an e-course called Blogging Your Way created by Holly Becker of decor8 and co-instructor Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint. This course has been motivating and inspiring to me and I can see it has had a similar effect on many of my classmates. It is lovely to be in an environment of openness, honesty and kindness.

If you currently have a blog or are just starting one, this course has an abundance of advice, instruction, hands-on projects and interaction. It has far exceeded my expectations and I am appreciative of having the opportunity to be part of it.

So, where do you find inspiration?

what motivates you?

I am writing this as the sun rises; I am typically not a morning person. So, what has motivated me to jump right into things this early?

Excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation…

Why am I feeling so motivated? I am currently taking an e-course run by Holly of Decor8 and Leslie of A Creative Mint called Blogging Your Way. We are halfway through the course as of today and I have felt a great sense of motivation reading the material, listening to the pod-casts and interacting in the forum.

Motivation can come and go, much like the tide. At certain times it is up and at other times it is at a low point. How can motivation remain more consistent? In an earlier post I suggested that having a tangible image can help motivate us to keep our vision alive.

As part of our course work Holly suggested each student create a mood board relating how we wanted our blog to look and feel. As I was putting mine together it helped me define what was important to include; images and items that represented the desired topics and reason I began this blog. This was a motivating exercise because I now have an image that inspires me to keep moving toward my goal. Here it is…

a sense of purpose…

Motivation can grow when you believe there is a sense of purpose for the actions you are taking. This sense of purpose can be rooted in circumstances that may be uncomfortable or undesirable and you are motivated to change them. Or this sense of purpose can be rooted in knowledge that by refraining from certain action steps your situation may become worse.

an example…

As an example a person may be unhealthy. This may mean they eat a poor diet, rarely exercise and do not consistently get enough sleep. They may be motivated by what they see as an undesirable circumstance and want to change it.

By contrast a healthy person who engages in a good diet, exercises regularly and is well rested, is motivated to continue practicing certain habits to help ensure they do not become unhealthy.

Motivation is like a cheerleader, it gets you moving and prompts action.

Motivation can be found in the words you read, a voice you hear, a project you undertake, music you listen to, people you engage with, a certain place, images that surround you or being still and listening to your heart…

Many times motivation can be found by stepping outside of ourselves and what we feel we need and turn to someone else to help them.

Where do you find your motivation?

daisies and sunshine

with thoughts of warmer weather and inspiration…

i heart daisies and sunshine


i heart a perfect cup of tea


i heart beauty in nature


i heart being free


i heart goodness in strangers


i heart being in love


i heart my sweet happy child


i heart grace from above


i heart crisp air and snowflakes


i heart spring’s melting rain


i heart reading and writing


i heart a melodic refrain


i heart the purr of our kitty


i heart an inviting warm bed


i heart candlelight and quiet


i heart my soul being fed


i heart hand-washing the dishes


i heart things tidy and neat


i heart clothes on the line


i heart rest and retreat


i heart dark chocolate and smoothies


i heart friends old and new


i heart being alive


i heart what i do


i heart travel and learning


i heart sharing things that i know


i heart all of life’s blessings


i heart continuing to grow


here’s to an early spring…what do you heart?