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September 16th, 2013

I very recently came across Miss Tristan’s beautiful blog ‘Besotted‘. A calming, curated collection of loveliness. I then happened upon the Inspiration Rx series started by Michelle to coincide with the beginning of a new learning season. I couldn’t help myself but do all the prompts in one sitting during some quiet time I had a couple days ago.

prompt one. emerging

comfort … warmth … security

this is the safe place i know

nurtured … protected … embodied

this is the safe place i grow

changing … expanding … unfurling

where i was can not contain me

stepping out … being bold … trusting

emerging stronger than i was before



prompt two. muse

color …

you are warm on my face as i sit here

with eyes closed you are dark grapefruit pink

the more i relax, as my head tips back

your color becomes lighter

as a plump pink rose in the summer garden

as my eyelids gently open

my lashes filter the blinding bright white i see

above me is the most perfect blue

cool, clear, crisp, calm

in gradiating tones as it moves away

from the brightest of glowing white

my gaze lowers to the grounding grass

tones of green

refreshing, resplendent, redolent and rolling

in natures perfect harmony



prompt three. tranquility

draw a deep breath

expel all your worries

calm your heart

make weightless your woes

quiet your thoughts

dwell on thanks giving

be at peace with

who you are right now



I am looking forward to continuing these prompts, I am enjoying them very much. I seem to be in the learning mode, as I also enrolled to be part of  a photography workshop given by Christina Greve which began today. I am looking forward to learning much. Wishing you a lovely week.




August 27th, 2013

S        savor breezy bug-free days

U        under bright blue sizzling skies

M        make merry of idle pleasures

M        mud pies, picnics, cat naps and dreaming

E         escape routine and busyness

R        reawaken a sense of awe




dawn r terrizzi 8.24.13

happy birthday…

April 29th, 2013

Yesterday marked the third year of this small undertaking … I am still not sure where this jaunt in the land of blogging will take me, but I continue to wander and see what blooms along the way … much like after the long, long winter we have had … there now appears to be sprigs about to blossom. All in good time.  Photos from Easter, Ingebretsen’s, thrifting and a special party with dear friends. Wishing you a lovely warm spring week…

my book…

April 19th, 2013


Things have been busy here; design work, planning projects for our house and preparing for a ‘Remodelers Expo’ that I am doing consultations at this weekend. The weather was unpredictable once again yesterday and we have about a foot of snow once again. It was so beautiful as it clung to all the trees just like in a ‘Grinch that Stole Christmas’ illustration. Now to share another little piece of my book…

…whether in our homes or our lives, cultivating a sense of modesty and unpretentiousness allows for a more appreciative outlook…

Hoping for blooms and sunshine very soon, have a great weekend. x

my book…

April 5th, 2013

Happy weekend, hope you are doing well. We had a few days of warm spring-like weather that melted a lot of our snow. Not so today however, cold and a couple snowflakes in the air. The sun managed to peek out from the clouds this morning, but today has been rather gloomy. I did get out for a brisk walk yesterday and today; it felt great to get some fresh air. Here is the next snippet…sharing time once again.

…a thankful heart can be the most powerful catalyst for change. it can be the greatest attribute to alter our perception…

With that I will say I am thankful for our snug little house (which we will be working on quite a lot over the next couple months) the dear people in my life, our sweetest kitty and being right where I am in life right now. Wishing you a weekend that is cheerful and sunshiny.


March 31st, 2013


wishing you a lovely easter

a shakespearean feast…

March 30th, 2013

Today is a bit overcast and very damp, lots of melting and running water about. It is definitely warming up and looking a bit more like spring. The sunshine is trying to peek through and much of the snow is disappearing.

This exhibit at the MIA has been going for some time and I wanted to see it before it ended. I am quite fascinated with the era of King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare and was curious to learn a bit more. I learned that in Tudor times the feast referred to the savory portion of the meal and afterward, the sweets were actually known as the banquet. Painstaking effort would be taken by artisans to fashion all types of sweetmeats as the crowning touch to the robust feast just eaten. This was only available in the most aristocratic circles as it was still very costly to produce. It was a way to show status, wealth and power. I found it very interesting as it is not what is portrayed in movies when thinking of this period in history. Have a peek here to learn a bit more. Does this period in time interest you too?


my book…

March 22nd, 2013

Hello dear readers, how has your week been? Each one seems to slip by all too quickly.  It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of March and these book entries are one quarter complete after today. There is a lot more writing I am doing outside of what finds itself penned as snippets here and I like the notion that I have a timeline of sorts to uphold. I hope the writings seem to be stringing together and making sense and that you are enjoying them. I am writing such a small amount but still want everything to be cohesive. So with that, here is the next little bit.

…when we take out of our lives the things that add ‘noise’ and confusion to our overall plan or vision for how we see our life, then what is left comes sharper into view…

…each time this exercise is undertaken we bring clarity and move closer to what is a true reflection of what we want our life to be…

Wishing you a fresh springlike weekend!

first day of spring…

March 20th, 2013

As with many parts of the country, we are welcoming spring with temperatures hovering at zero and more snow then we have seen in years…brrrrr

Looking forward to April showers and May flowers…very much!



March 8th, 2013

W        white snow glistens in the sun

I          inside we are snug and warm

N         natures pace is slow and calm

T         tender shoots, deep in the earth

E         evening closes round us quickly

R         renewel is just but underfoot




dawn r terrizzi 2.13.13