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I very recently came across Miss Tristan’s beautiful blog ‘Besotted‘. A calming, curated collection of loveliness. I then happened upon the Inspiration Rx series started by Michelle to coincide with the beginning of a new learning season. I couldn’t help myself but do all the prompts in one sitting during some quiet time I had a couple days ago.

prompt one. emerging

comfort … warmth … security

this is the safe place i know

nurtured … protected … embodied

this is the safe place i grow

changing … expanding … unfurling

where i was can not contain me

stepping out … being bold … trusting

emerging stronger than i was before



prompt two. muse

color …

you are warm on my face as i sit here

with eyes closed you are dark grapefruit pink

the more i relax, as my head tips back

your color becomes lighter

as a plump pink rose in the summer garden

as my eyelids gently open

my lashes filter the blinding bright white i see

above me is the most perfect blue

cool, clear, crisp, calm

in gradiating tones as it moves away

from the brightest of glowing white

my gaze lowers to the grounding grass

tones of green

refreshing, resplendent, redolent and rolling

in natures perfect harmony



prompt three. tranquility

draw a deep breath

expel all your worries

calm your heart

make weightless your woes

quiet your thoughts

dwell on thanks giving

be at peace with

who you are right now



I am looking forward to continuing these prompts, I am enjoying them very much. I seem to be in the learning mode, as I also enrolled to be part of  a photography workshop given by Christina Greve which began today. I am looking forward to learning much. Wishing you a lovely week.



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  1. petra


    I just read your comment on my Kinfolk post. thank you very much for taking the time to write it. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I very much love Kinfolk’s aesthetic. their photos are just incredible. and I, too, would like to live a simpler life, spend more time with real life friends, and go back to our collective roots somehow. but something about the way Kinfolk presents itself is all wrong. simplicity isn’t easy. it isn’t necessarily pretty or picturesque. and in order to change (our) lives, it takes more than a well laid-out dinner table and pretty flowers.

    I’m glad you found me and that now I found you :)

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