as one chapter closes…

As we come to the close of this past year, we can take a bit of time to reflect and ponder all that went into filling it…what we might have hoped would have been different and what we are grateful for that took place. We can also give some thought to our aspirations for the upcoming year…

As a writer I like to have a special place to put my thoughts on paper. I found this lovely ‘one line a day’ memory book this past November at one of my favorite stores in Stillwater, Rose Mille. It is always such a pleasure to have a peek at their offerings and get inspired to create something or just dream. This little gilt edge book allows a line a day to be written for five consecutive years, I thought it was so clever and had to get one for myself.

One of my hopes for this coming year is that I would like to do more hand crafting and enjoy the slowing down that this mode of creativity often requires. There are no plans for elaborate projects, but I would like to try small, useful, simple projects for myself and gift giving.

Never far from my reach is a favorite cup of tea, always welcome, soothing and uplifting at the same time. With the beautiful melodies of Enya in the background, what more could one want.

I am looking forward to my first entry in this lovely little book; such a great idea to have one special place to write a quote, thought or plan and see what is revealed over the five years. There is so much to inspire us, we just need to slow down a bit and see it. So as one chapter closes with the end of 2011, what do you aspire to for the new chapter of 2012?

dawn xo