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a simplified spa…in your bathroom

Whether it is a shower at the end of a long hot day, or a luxuriating bath after a busy winter day; nothing soothes and refreshes like water. Our bathrooms have gone from small, utilitarian type spaces to larger areas that encourage relaxation. With much in the marketplace available to create this get-away within our homes, it is easier to transform our bathrooms into mini spas.

There are four components to be aware of when incorporating this feeling into your space… color, lighting, accessory details and organization. Let’s have a look at each of them.

1. Color…

Using soothing colors is one of the most simplistic ways to redefine the way this space feels. An all white bathroom has a very elegant and classic feel to it, but shy away from tones that are stark or austere.Using chrome fixtures and fittings in combination with stacks of white towels will give the feeling of a pampered New York hotel. Or try painting the walls in aquatic tones from soft turquoise to gentle light blues and incorporate towels and accessories chosen in a variety of beach inspired shades. This lends a very fresh and seaside feel to the room. For a warmer scheme, tones of terra-cotta and russet combined with sandy colors and hints of gray and pewter create an earthy atmosphere. These deeper colors create a cozy and comforting space that feels protected and welcoming. A soft blush or shell pink will also imbue the space with an enveloping mood and is a great color to reflect in the mirror as it is a flattering backdrop for most flesh tones.

2. Lighting…

Lighting is very important in a bathroom, as its requirements are so broad. Having a well-lit mirror is necessary for tasks like shaving and applying make-up. Placing illumination on either side of a mirror reduces shadows and gives a more even light. The addition of a dimmer allows a variety of lighting levels to be achieved, helping to create the mood you desire.  Natural light is a blessing in a bathroom, even if it only allows sunshine to stream in or to catch a glimpse at the starry sky. Candles bring a more intimate atmosphere to a bathroom. Using them can allow a bath to become more of a ritual by allowing us time to slow down and reflect.

3. Accessory Details

It is all the small details that promote the pampered feeling of a spa. Thick, lush, quality towels, creamy soaps, softly scented candles, relaxing music and a comfortable bathrobe and slippers. There are invigorating massage mats to stand on in the shower and well made bath mats and neck pillows to make bathing more comfortable. Incorporating a heated towel rail is a luxury and generates an even heat while it is in use. If there is room, a small chair is a great addition to a bathroom as it provides somewhere to sit while drying off and grooming. The seat should be comfortable and covered in terry cloth or something similar. Choose a special piece of detailed artwork for the wall as you will be viewing it at close proximity and it will help encapsulate the mood you want to encourage.

4. Organization…

Having an organized space will contribute to the relaxed atmosphere being created. Clear out all medication, make-up and toiletries that are past their use-by date or which are not going to be used. Line drawers with pretty paper that can be easily removed and changed for a new look. Use smaller baskets or containers inside drawers and cupboards to keep similar items together. Keep surfaces as clutter free as possible, but have items out that are frequently used such as toothbrushes, soap, tissues, towels and candles. Look at what is being stored in your bathroom and if it does not contribute in some way, can it be removed from the space?

Being able to center ourselves at the end of a hectic day can become easier if we take some time in a quiet, calm and clean space. Perhaps your bathroom is just such a place.