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April 5th, 2013

Happy weekend, hope you are doing well. We had a few days of warm spring-like weather that melted a lot of our snow. Not so today however, cold and a couple snowflakes in the air. The sun managed to peek out from the clouds this morning, but today has been rather gloomy. I did get out for a brisk walk yesterday and today; it felt great to get some fresh air. Here is the next snippet…sharing time once again.

…a thankful heart can be the most powerful catalyst for change. it can be the greatest attribute to alter our perception…

With that I will say I am thankful for our snug little house (which we will be working on quite a lot over the next couple months) the dear people in my life, our sweetest kitty and being right where I am in life right now. Wishing you a weekend that is cheerful and sunshiny.

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  1. Chelsea Threeongrove Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I replied to your comment (with probably more detail than you asked!) xo Chelsea