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4 simple steps to resolutions

So, we are three weeks into 2011…    

Did you happen to make new years resolutions and are you keeping them? Did you make a plan to put your resolutions into practice? Without vision, clarity, focus and intention; great ideas and dreams can fade away just like the wisps of an extinguished flame.


A vision is the big picture; the feeling and desire of our hearts to have our lives play out in a certain way. This vision we have for our lives often changes over the course of time. Many times the vision we had for our lives when we were young is buried by the complications of adulthood. Let yourself dream about what you would like to see your life like in the here and now, not in some far off perfect world. Be still, close your eyes and imagine what you would like to see when you open your front door at the end of a long day…who you would like to see at the dawning of each new day…where you would like to spend your precious free time. How could the time you spend doing your work be a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience?  


The ability to bring clarity to your vision will enhance and hone what you deem most important. With the images you compiled from your vision, narrow the scope to real life areas you have the ability to alter that will move you closer to the overall vision you have created in your mind.    



When we are able to focus and concentrate on very specific tasks, this allows us to set out a plan of action. This in turn helps us implement and complete those tasks in an orderly and consistent manner.



Without intention our focus can become blurred and our tasks will become mundane and meaningless. It is at this point we begin wavering and our commitment begins to erode. Intention gives us the purpose for why we want the vision and are willing to carry out the tasks to bring us closer to our desired dream.    


my experience…

For years I have chosen a word or phrase to help guide my vision for each year. I place this word and its meaning near my bathroom mirror and it becomes a daily reminder of my overall focus for that year. Some of my words have been…change, gratitude, no excuses, clarity, discernment, new possibilities, prosperity and restoration. I envisioned my life embracing those words each year. With clarity and focus I create an attainable plan of action for each area of my life…personal, business and home. With intention it easier to carry out the plan even when motivation seems in short supply.

Images can be very motivating to help keep your vision alive. Find pictures that depict what you would like to create in your life…or for inspiration, look at images and then use the ones you are drawn to for a jump off point for your vision. 


Each year that passes brings us closer to something, with these four simple steps, let that “something” be a life you are fully engaged in and enjoy living. So…what does your vision look like?

what is intentional simplicity?

intentional:                                                                                                                                 done by a determination to act a certain way; with purpose or aim

simplicity:                                                                                                                                               lack of complication, clearness, plainness in manners or way of life


My vision of intentional simplicity may not be what it is to someone else; however the idea to ‘act with purpose’ in conjunction with the desire for a ‘lack of complication’ can have great impact on many areas of our lives.

To unwind our busy, over-extended, visually-overloaded society is no easy task. We are bombarded from every side, every day to do more, be more, have more. This is at the expense of the one commodity we can never purchase back for ourselves.




There are so many aspects to life; family, friends, home, work, leisure, health and community. We make decisions every day about which ones receive our attention more and which ones receive our attention less. Whether these are intentional decisions or not, does not really matter to the recipient; this could be your own health or time spent with a loved one. The outcome of your choice impacts all aspects of your life, not just the ones that get your time the most.

So… are the ‘ones’ receiving your time the television, internet, video and computer games, items that can not be found due to lack of order, possessions that require too much care, the large yard that needs mowing all too often or the endless list of things that ‘should be done’?

Expending the least to gain the most…

I believe intentional simplicity centers on the premise of expending the least to gain the most.

An example of this is what you are reading; to choose the fewest, most meaningful words, with thought and purpose to impact you the most is the goal. We can apply this principle to any area of life. Our relationships, our homes, the work we engage in, how we spend our free time, how we amass our possessions and how we take care of ourselves.

It is all relative as to what ‘the most’ means to you, but I find that the more appreciative we can become of the uncomplicated moments presented in everyday life, the richer one begins to feel.

Freedom to spend more time dreaming and moving toward the vision you have for your life begins with your day to day intentions and what affords your attention.

What is one area you would prefer to spend less of your time and where would you allot that time once you had more?


april showers bring may flowers…
happy spring!
Welcome to everyone that may be reading this.

I thought timing this first post with the arrival of springtime was appropriate. This is the time of year that marks renewal, reawakening and new beginnings. With that, this marks a new beginning for me.

My love of writing has been with me for as long as I can remember and I am excited to share my perspective with you through this medium. As I enjoy learning; I want this platform to be of educational value to you, to help you unfold the life and home you envision.

My plan is to guide you while you discover your design preferences, understand the basic principles and influences of interior design, determine what is important in your life and live with intentional simplicity.

Life is a process and so is creating a home with character, a connection to its environment, and the ability to bring a feeling of comfort to those that experience it.

I look forward to sharing this varied journey with you…