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August 27th, 2013

S        savor breezy bug-free days

U        under bright blue sizzling skies

M        make merry of idle pleasures

M        mud pies, picnics, cat naps and dreaming

E         escape routine and busyness

R        reawaken a sense of awe




dawn r terrizzi 8.24.13

happy birthday…

April 29th, 2013

Yesterday marked the third year of this small undertaking … I am still not sure where this jaunt in the land of blogging will take me, but I continue to wander and see what blooms along the way … much like after the long, long winter we have had … there now appears to be sprigs about to blossom. All in good time.  Photos from Easter, Ingebretsen’s, thrifting and a special party with dear friends. Wishing you a lovely warm spring week…


March 31st, 2013


wishing you a lovely easter

first day of spring…

March 20th, 2013

As with many parts of the country, we are welcoming spring with temperatures hovering at zero and more snow then we have seen in years…brrrrr

Looking forward to April showers and May flowers…very much!



March 8th, 2013

W        white snow glistens in the sun

I          inside we are snug and warm

N         natures pace is slow and calm

T         tender shoots, deep in the earth

E         evening closes round us quickly

R         renewel is just but underfoot




dawn r terrizzi 2.13.13

hearts and roses…

February 16th, 2013

So how was your Valentine’s Day? Did you do something special? We have had more snow here; it was so beautiful on Valentine’s Eve, the snowflakes were floating to the ground and clung to the tree branches. I stayed up till after one o’clock in the morning just to watch out the window in the quiet. I felt like writing, so also did an acrostic about winter.

The next day we spent part of the day in Stillwater at one of my most favorite stores Rose Mille. I was thrilled to find lovely Gustavian Rose Chairs, a set of four for our dining area. The original design comes from the 1700′s. They are made in Sweden and the reason they are called ‘rose’ chairs is that they have the rose carved on the top of each one. We also found the sweet antique valentine, made in a time when things were slower and more innocent. The wire ‘love’ I made as a topper for our wedding cake. Wishing you a lovely restful Sunday…


December 27th, 2012

So, here we are nearing the end of another year. Time is ever passing. The past three years have been unexpected, unpredictable and at times small slivers have seemed nearly unbearable.  I love the idea and application of intentional simplicity, but I will say that at times life moves us onto a road that brings complexity and complication and the only way to get simplicity once again is to wade through the mire and keep the vision far in front as a shining star to move toward.

I still believe deeply that each and every ‘thing’ in our life either costs or contributes to a life we want to embrace. However, sometimes the ‘things’ that seem to be costing a great deal (of time, energy, focus) must be dealt with so that the outcome then contributes and adds to life and frees up time, energy and focus for those ‘things’ desired even more so.

The little tree came from my parents home ‘up north’ and it is decorated with ornaments my sweet daughter has made over the past fifteen years. Life is so full and abundant; I am looking forward to 2013 as a fresh start and continuing to embrace intentional simplicity daily. Wishing you peace and much love in the new year. x



September 28th, 2012

A          apples crisp upon the tree

U          upturned colored leaves

T          trodden paths through windswept fields

U          under bright clear skies of blue

M          memories of school days past

N          nighttime hearth-fires smolder




dawn r terrizzi 9.22.12

a frosted misty morning…

February 6th, 2012

This is what I saw from my window a few days ago…I could not help but grab my camera and capture the calm and quiet morning…so peaceful and still. I tend to lose track of time doing things like this…

As we are well into the new year I wanted to share the phrase I chose as my guiding beacon for the upcoming months. Last year I chose the word restoration and it was a year full of change and momentum. It was quite a challenging year as well, but restoration certainly did take place, in mind, body, home and spirit. This year I wanted to continue with a similar thought, but somewhat less aggressively. After much consideration this years phrase is…

refinement through gratitude…

There are many areas within my life that I would like to see refinement, not in the ‘elegant, fine bone china tea cup’ kind of way, but a ‘clerifying, purging, purifying’ kind of way. I also want to be much more mindful again in my gratitude, being thankful for the small as well as the not so small happenings.

Like the beauty of this frosted misty morning…a little later the sun began to peek through and everything seemed to glow.

Do you like to chose a word or phase to see you through the new year? What other traditions do you like to carry on from year to year that helps you move toward the life you see as your most complete? Take care…

happy sunday

April 10th, 2011


Although this is not what I see out my window, spring has at last sprung here in my part of the world and we should be seeing beauties like these in about a month or so…oh, happy Sunday!