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inspiration rx …

September 16th, 2013

I very recently came across Miss Tristan’s beautiful blog ‘Besotted‘. A calming, curated collection of loveliness. I then happened upon the Inspiration Rx series started by Michelle to coincide with the beginning of a new learning season. I couldn’t help myself but do all the prompts in one sitting during some quiet time I had a couple days ago.

prompt one. emerging

comfort … warmth … security

this is the safe place i know

nurtured … protected … embodied

this is the safe place i grow

changing … expanding … unfurling

where i was can not contain me

stepping out … being bold … trusting

emerging stronger than i was before



prompt two. muse

color …

you are warm on my face as i sit here

with eyes closed you are dark grapefruit pink

the more i relax, as my head tips back

your color becomes lighter

as a plump pink rose in the summer garden

as my eyelids gently open

my lashes filter the blinding bright white i see

above me is the most perfect blue

cool, clear, crisp, calm

in gradiating tones as it moves away

from the brightest of glowing white

my gaze lowers to the grounding grass

tones of green

refreshing, resplendent, redolent and rolling

in natures perfect harmony



prompt three. tranquility

draw a deep breath

expel all your worries

calm your heart

make weightless your woes

quiet your thoughts

dwell on thanks giving

be at peace with

who you are right now



I am looking forward to continuing these prompts, I am enjoying them very much. I seem to be in the learning mode, as I also enrolled to be part of  a photography workshop given by Christina Greve which began today. I am looking forward to learning much. Wishing you a lovely week.



growing up…

October 26th, 2012



Today I emailed my daughters photograph (digital only please) to go into the yearbook. I have never had to do that before, but then again she has never been a senior before. Time passes so quickly and it makes one wonder how your life moves from having that little dependant child hold your hand or want ‘up’ to being so independent and spreading wings. It seems to go in a blink.

The weather here has turned blustery and cold, we even had our first snow yesterday. I am feeling a bit pensive, so wrote a little haiku to sum up my thoughts. Lots going on with plans and preparations. We are undertaking more house renovations in hopes of the majority being completed by spring. I am also still deliberating as to the direction I would like this little blog to go…as pooh-bear would say…think-think-think. Wishing you a lovely cozy weekend. x



April 20th, 2012

one jar classico four cheese pasta sauce…$2.26

one box vermicelli pasta…$1.08

four glasses of milk….$0.58

dinner and conversation with my lovely teenage daughter and three of her dear friends before rushing out the door to see a movie together tonight…

absolutely  priceless…

a poem…

April 12th, 2012

This haiku came to me in the middle of the night, I jotted it down on the back of an envelope and share it with you today… x


ten small pieces…

March 22nd, 2012

We all have a backstory; a series of events, choices and experiences that have led up to create the life we have now. Each completely unique and singular, but so often sharing highs and lows, victories and defeats, joys and sorrows that connect us inexplicably to the humanity of this world we live in.

Here are ten small pieces of my backstory that you may not know…

..I vividly remember a story being read aloud in class when I was in 2nd grade that made it very clear to me that I liked the idea of making spaces look and feel better…the beginnings of my love for interior design.

..At 16 I applied to be an AFS exchange student to Australia and was crushed when my application was not accepted. I still knew someday, somehow I would travel overseas.

..I used to know how to ride a unicycle, play the piccolo and juggle.

..In college I did travel abroad, as an exchange student to northern Wales and loved every minute of it.

..At 22 I spent a week in Ireland totally on my own exploring and traveling by train. It was after this I realized I never wanted to travel alone again as I had no one to share things with.

..I have been to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy…I like Ferraris.

..I have bartered for hand-knotted rugs in a middle-eastern souk.

..There are 28 different teas in my tea drawer…I like tea.

.. One third of my life has been spent being a mom to my lovely daughter.

..I am an idealist and a dreamer that loves daisies, sunshine, peacefulness and lazy days.

There are many more pieces to my story, but thought I would share these with you today…


March 15th, 2012

These words came to me early yesterday morning before I was fully awake. I used to have many thoughts and musings in the wee small hours of the morning, but for the last two years those glimpses have rarely been present…until very recently. They started again only last week and I am so glad they are with me again.

Nearly two years ago I wrote about these musings in a writing assignment titled ‘between the dark and the daylight’ for the writing group I belong to.

Here is part of what I wrote then…

“Toward early morning my dreams fade in and out and this is the time I am so often captured by some inventive or intuitive thought. The perfect way a letter should be started, or the best way something should be written. The most sensible solution to a design problem I may have been having. The perfect words to relate something to my daughter, that during daylight hours just does not become clear no matter how much I ponder it. This time of the morning is sublime. I revel in how clear all the answers seem to be. I so often wish I could somehow download my brain at that very moment and capture all the insight. Alas, this is never an option. If I am very fortunate I can capture one small part of all the creativity my mind has so generously laid out before me. It takes incredible concentration and fortitude to get my thought onto a piece of paper. Just like swirling wisps of the candles extinguished flame, so are my wonderful musings in my early morning dream state.”

That was just as it happened yesterday, I had to struggle to get the words onto a piece of paper before they escaped my mind. I am not exactly sure what they mean, but the words seemed so powerful in the dreamy consciousness I was in. I think they are words to reassure me… that at whatever pace things are going, wherever I am at or however I see things for the future, I am being enough at the moment.

Do you have these awakenings in your early morning hours? xx

a poem…

March 12th, 2012


March 10th, 2012


“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin

Today is sunny and bright, the snow is melting and it is just a matter of time before everything is in bloom once again. Today is a contemplative day, I seem to have them quite often.  Life seldom unfolds in the exact manner we expect it to. Often there are great variances between our expected outcomes and the reality.

When I started my adventure into the blogging world nearly two years ago, I had certain notions, ideas and plans I imagined would take place in this small space, in the big arena of the world wide web. I imagined I would be able to devote my time consistently to tend and nurture it and grow it far beyond what it is at the present time.

Life created some distractions along the way and often it did not matter how much I thought I wanted to expand my thoughts and experiences on these pages, it rarely happened as I believed it would. I look back over the past two years and conclude that what was taking place is something akin to a metamorphosis. A shift from one place to the next. A time to reflect, refocus, get quiet and not rush things.

My interior design work lessened somewhat significantly over that time, perhaps due to world markets, but perhaps not.  My desire to write increased and I was introduced to a wonderful local writers group which I joined two years ago as well. My life at home changed too; having met a dear man, after being a single mom for fifteen years, we married within six months of our first outing, I must say it has been quite seamless. I am also planning to teach interior design classes through our local community education program this summer.

So there have been many things percolating over the last two years. To the outside world, just as with the dormancy of winter, it would appear little is taking place. But then the time comes for a rebirth of sorts, to realize that the waiting was not for naught, but to move forward in gratitude.

Part of my moving forward includes being part of an e-course presented by Susannah Conway called ‘Blogging from the Heart‘. It is a six week class geared toward creative personal bloggers who want to hone their skills and reflect more of themselves in their posts. It seemed to suit where I am now and I was most eager to join the class. It has been very insightful, clear and well laid out and we have only finished week one. Very much looking forward to what is planned for the upcoming weeks. I hope to share the impact and insights this class reveals.

Time has it’s own lessons and sometimes learning to wait is one of the most complex lessons to be learned. Understanding that the wait is part of the growing process.

With that I shall wish you a lovely weekend xx

as one chapter closes…

December 29th, 2011


As we come to the close of this past year, we can take a bit of time to reflect and ponder all that went into filling it…what we might have hoped would have been different and what we are grateful for that took place. We can also give some thought to our aspirations for the upcoming year…

As a writer I like to have a special place to put my thoughts on paper. I found this lovely ‘one line a day’ memory book this past November at one of my favorite stores in Stillwater, Rose Mille. It is always such a pleasure to have a peek at their offerings and get inspired to create something or just dream. This little gilt edge book allows a line a day to be written for five consecutive years, I thought it was so clever and had to get one for myself.

One of my hopes for this coming year is that I would like to do more hand crafting and enjoy the slowing down that this mode of creativity often requires. There are no plans for elaborate projects, but I would like to try small, useful, simple projects for myself and gift giving.

Never far from my reach is a favorite cup of tea, always welcome, soothing and uplifting at the same time. With the beautiful melodies of Enya in the background, what more could one want.

I am looking forward to my first entry in this lovely little book; such a great idea to have one special place to write a quote, thought or plan and see what is revealed over the five years. There is so much to inspire us, we just need to slow down a bit and see it. So as one chapter closes with the end of 2011, what do you aspire to for the new chapter of 2012?

dawn xo

beauty abounds…

October 5th, 2011

Beauty is all around us, some more obvious and some more subtle. Thought you might enjoy these lovely flowers given to me by someone most special. Love, love, love pink!

seize the day…

enjoy all life has to offer…

and live each day with gratitude and love in your heart…

Have a lovely weekend xx